St Minver Limited Bingo Software

St Minver Ltd owns and develops online bingo and casino software. The company was founded in 2003 under the name St Enodoc after the purchase of Gala Interactive from the Gala Group. They developed online bingo software and online casino gaming software geared towards bingo sites. St Enodoc was incorporated in Gibraltar. In mid-2005, St Enodoc was renamed to St Minver. They retained their fully licensed status through the government of Gibraltar to operate online gaming services.


St Minver bases its operations out of Gibraltar and operates as St Minver ltd. They offer a number of highly regarded features that include financial, customer services, marketing and technical support. They only operate within countries, which specifically allow legal internet gambling. The St Minver bingo software is ranked as one of the best within the industry. St Minver continues to grow its bingo network but does so in a responsible and secure manner to ensure the integrity to its clients and the end user.


St. Minver Bingo Sites


The St Minver network house and operate a number of different bingo sites that include:


  • Littlewoods Bingo – report coming soon. This site is currently the most reputable St Minver bingo site (aside from Yahoo’s),
  • Shipleys Bingo,
  • Bingo Joy – (note: unable to verify that this bingo site is licenced. On their innter page, they claim licensing in Gibraltar, however there’s no confirmation of such licensing. Thus, we can neither confirm they are licenced nor can we dispute this site is properly regulated. However, from personal experience, Bingo Joy has appeared on our blacklist more than once. As a result of their dark history, we suggest you choose a different St. Minver bingo site,
  • Love Bingo – unconfirmed licensing,
  • Castle Bingo – (online site for Castle Bingo Clubs),
  • Chit Chat Bingo.
  • Yahoo Bingo (UK & Ireland)


Please note that we do not currently provide formal coverage of St Minver bingo sites. Whilst we are in the process of initiating coverage of Littlewoods Bingo, it is important that you do your own due diligence on any St. Minver bingo site you decide to play at. We have included notes above that reflect our analyst’s opinions and/or concerns about the sites in question.


St. Minver Ltd. Bingo Software Features


The St. Minver bingo software allows for multiple currencies and languages to operators using the St Minver bingo platform. St Minver also manages the International bingo Network (IBN). As such, St Minver is able to offer to its bingo clients the ability to offer additional services such as additional bingo rooms and larger progressive jackpots.


In addition to bingo games, St Minver software offers a number of other games such as, slots, scratch cards, blackjack, roulette and other casino games to compliment the bingo software. The bingo software allows for 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Through the IBN, St Minver also offers progressive bingo games on their network.