How to Deposit & Cash Out at Bingo Sites

There are numerous ways that you can deposit to and cash out from your player account at bingo sites. Not all methods are accepted at every bingo site and each means of deposit has its own unique set of advantages. We are going to look at the various methods available to pay for bingo games online. Providing you do your homework and stick with reputable & licenced bingo sites and keep your computer and mobile devices updated (and free from viruses), each of the methods detailed below are safe to use for bingo play.


Different ways to pay for online bingo


Playing online bingo is as standard as shopping online. When you shop, you load up your items into the shopping cart, press check out, and enter your payment details. This is usually done after creating an account. When playing bingo, you first create and verify an account. Then you select your payment method. Once the account is created, verified, and payment details have been entered, you choose the amount you wish to move to your account. Then, you choose your games and begin playing.


The funds you deposited do not need to be exhausted in one session. In fact, you can deposit today, play tomorrow, and continue playing throughout the week – providing you have not spent all your money yet. Naturally, if you have spent your initial deposit, you are welcome to top up again using your chosen payment method.


Below are the most common payment methods used for playing bingo online or by mobile phone. These methods of payment are commonplace at most UK approved bingo sites and are considered safe. Feel free to browse the overview or click on the appropriate payment option for a more detailed look at how that specific payment option works, as well as a list of which sites accept that particular payment method.


In most cases, you can use the same payment method for cashing out winnings that you used to fund your account. Thus, you can pay to play and then collect your winnings back to your payment source if you are lucky enough to book the win.

PayPal for Bingo

One method that exceptionally popular is PayPal. This method was only recently used on online gaming sites but it is popular with many players as they are familiar with it from other online sites, particularly EBay. Worth noting is that PayPal was one of the original online gaming payment processors, however, they pulled out of the gambling market voluntarily – only to quietly and selectively re-enter the market in late 2009.

Find out how & where to play bingo using PayPal.

Using your Credit & Debit Cards for bingo

Many players use their credit cards to pay for playing at online bingo sites. Credit cards are accepted at every online bingo site. The majority of people have credit cards now and this is an instant method with no time delay. Players just have to register their cards – some sites only let you register one but others will let you register a few. To prevent fraud players can only use cards registered in their name to make a deposit, you will not be allowed to use anyone else’s card. Read all about how to use your debit card or credit card to play bingo.

Play bingo & bill it to your mobile phone

A relatively new method that can be used to make a deposit at an online bingo site is by using your phone. This is another method, which was conceived as being a safe way of making a payment as it does not involve having your personal details and bank or card details floating around the internet. People can look in the account section of their application and either under Premium Rate SMS or Phone Bill the deposit option can be seen. You will be sent an SMS message which will deduct the amount you want to deposit from your credit although only small sums can be deposited using this method.

You can also deposit using your phone if it is on a contract with certain providers, in which case the sum will be charged to your phone bill. Mobile bingo is becoming increasingly popular as people lead busy lives and some spend a long time commuting, so this method is sure to become more popular too. However, not all sites allow this deposit method and surprisingly, many of the so-called mobile bingo sites do not allow for such means of depositing!

Find out exactly which bingo sites let you bill your deposit to your mobile and how to play bingo on your mobile & charge it to your mobile phone bill.

Using your bank account for bingo

Some players use their bank accounts to make any deposits at bingo sites as they use these to fund a wire transfer or they deposit by submitting a cheque or E-Check. As most people have a bank account these days, this is a relatively straightforward system to use as you are just transferring money from your account to that of the bingo site. They will have the necessary information you need on the site or if you cannot find it just ask a member of the customer services team for help. Find out exactly where & how you can use your bank account to play bingo.

Prepaid cards & vouchers

Prepaid options have become popular in recent years, both with people who do not have bank accounts and those who are concerned about security arrangements regarding their personal information. Pre-paid cards, such as paysafecard and UKash, can be bought from many shops and kiosks. You simply decide how much money you want to deposit, buy the appropriate card, and then select that as a deposit option on the site. You then just input the 19-digit UKash PIN number, which is unique to your card, making it an extremely simple and secure deposit option. Find out how to use prepaid options to pay for bingo play & which sites are the best for this.

Information on my statements


In most cases, your account statement will not be crystal clear on where your money has gone. For example, you deposit a tenner at Bingo Site ABC. When reconciling your statement, you do not see the bingo site’s name. Instead, you see ABC Company listed as receiving the tenner. Often, bingo sites use payment processors or a subsidiary of their parent company to process payments. This can become confusing. As a helpful guide, we have detailed the list of companies that appear on your statement so that you can avoid confusion. The companies that may appear on your statement are listed below. You can click on the individual companies to find out which bingo sites they are associated with.