Seeding Ventures


Seeding Ventures was a privately held company based out of London who specializes in all aspects of online marketing and website design. Their programmers, marketing gurus, creative designers and social media managers all combine to make their bingo site (Bingo3x) one of the best-marketed bingo websites today.


Seeding Ventures have since sold their holdings, along with RASR Entertainment to an unnamed company. Until clarity is provided, we assign Seeding Ventures with a “character rating” of “F”. This means you should avoid playing at bingo3x until further notice. If you have money on the site, cash out now. If you are considering playing there, find a different site at which to play.


They collaborated with industry leaders to leverage the world’s largest bingo operator in 888 and their state of the art bingo software in Dragonfish so that the Seeding Ventures team could be left to do what they do best – which is market! Whether it is their attractive website’s design or their social activity, these folks are attracting players to their bingo website by the ton. Their online bingo endeavour in Bingo3x is very well thought out and quite attractive in terms of deals, promos, website look and feel.


Whilst their company website and corporate structure is not as “open” as we would like to see, we can attest that these folks know what they are doing when it comes to bingo. They lean on 888 UK Limited to operate and run all aspects of their bingo site and with it comes their experience and gaming licence in Gibraltar as well as the UK, which adds to the company’s level of trust.

Contact Information
Seeding Ventures
Saunders House,
52-53 THE MALL,
London W5 3TA

Tele: 4402080904336

Email: info-[at]