About our Bingo Website

Bingo-Sites.CO is our latest project that has the mission of educating the bingo community in regards to exactly who operates some of the more popular bingo sites online, as well as ranking the bingo sites we cover across a diverse set of relevant categories.

When we spoke with some of our previous site’s visitors and interacted with other bingo operators, we found that whilst people “knew” the sites they played on, they did not exactly “know” the people or the company behind their favourite bingo sites. Unfortunately, most people do not think about such things unless something bad emerges. This is where our new bingo website comes into play. We created this site with the main objective of educating the community of bingo affiliates and bingo players alike as to who runs or operates the various popular bingo sites.

For the bingo player, this information is advantageous, as they can get a feel for the character of the people behind the scenes. For the affiliate or bingo portal manager, our site will provoke thought in terms of who they advertise. Between educating the affiliate portal managers and the community of bingo players, it is our hope that our site’s visitors find their way to quality, reputable, and “worthy” bingo sites, whilst avoiding the bad eggs and less than reputable operators. Such a thing will save everyone time, money, and headaches. We do advocate on behalf of both players and portals who feel they have been wronged by a bingo room or company. If you have been wronged, please contact us, as we may be able to help.

With all that being said, on this bingo information website, we place an emphasis on promoting reputable and trustworthy companies, whilst calling out (naming and shaming) those online bingo operators who are less than reputable. We additionally take the time to rank the different bingo sites and companies across many different factors, features, and categories.

Our site is always a work in progress. Whether we have ten pages or ten-thousand pages, we are always looking to make updates to our rankings and opinions to keep things up to date, relevant, and fresh so that you get the latest and most accurate information.

We do need to state that whilst money does not influence our expert opinions, we are indirectly compensated for referring our visitors to the sites we feature. We never allow operators to buy their way into the spotlight and we do not accept bribes to ignore issues that should be disclosed. There are plenty of bingo sites that are safe and player friendly, so we do not “need” to promote anyone who is not worth featuring. Thus, you can trust that our analysis and reviews are impartial, fair, balanced, and matter of fact.

How to Contact Us

We thank you for visiting our site and truly believe that you will benefit from the information, recommendations, rankings, and warnings that are present throughout our site. If you need to reach us – whether it is to say hello, provide feedback, suggest a site, or share a story – feel free to contact us via our info * at * bingo-sites *dot* co address. When you find information that is beneficial to you on this site, we ask that you consider sharing the information with your mates by posting a link to the page you enjoyed (Twitter and Facebook are a few of the great places for sharing relevant and useful information).

All emails & correspondence will remain appropriately confidential. We do not sell advertising or rankings on this site, so if you are an operator looking to purchase a favourable ranking, don’t bother. However, we would love to hear from any bingo site operator who disagrees with our analysis and wishes for their “voice” or “side of the story” to be heard.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect personal information on this website. However, we do monitor traffic on our site to ensure that our site is functioning properly, as well as to identify future topics of interest. The information we monitor does not identify anyone. We use a third party provider to compile and collect “on site” activity. This information does not identify you personally. It does, however, provide us with information about how you found our website, the pages you’ve viewed on our website, your country of origin, IP Address, browser type, and screen resolution. This helps us to identify topics of interest to our visitors and also helps us identify if we are having issues with our website. To read more about how we monitor our website’s traffic, view their privacy policy.

Our ratings Explained

We believe in transparency in our ratings system. Any reputable online bingo portal who reviews and grades bingo sites should define the criteria they use for ranking the various sites they cover. To see how we rate the bingo sites of interest to us and the actual bingo site ratings, visit our bingo site reports page.