Using a Credit Card to Play at Bingo Sites

As of 14 April 2020, the UKGC has deemed the use of credit card to fund gambling and/or bingo accounts as being unlawful. This means you can no longer use CREDIT CARDS for gambling online. This ban does not include debit cards. In short, you must have the funds in order to play at a bingo site rather than relying upon credit to play.

Depositing using credit cards at any online bingo site is easy and takes only a few seconds to complete the transaction. A number of different credit cards are accepted online. The most common are MasterCard and Visa. These credit cards are excellent depositing methods for online bingo. The advantage to using a credit card to deposit with your favourite online bingo site is the ease of use and the ability to fund your account immediately. In addition should you not have the available funds to deposit right away you are able to use your credit card in advance. These are some fees for this but they are relatively small so long as repayment is made in less than 30 days.


To make a deposit with a MasterCard or Visa card it is straightforward. All that is needed is to register your credit card in the banking section of the bingo site you are wishing to use for your deposit. The registration of your credit card takes less than one minute and once completed you will be able to make deposits. Many online sites will require a 48-hour period after your initial deposit prior to being able to cashout any winnings. This is to allow the credit card transaction to be credited on their end. Whilst this is common, most sites do not hold your funds until the transaction clears and you are able to access your deposit right away and begin to play the games. Withdrawing to your credit card is commonly not available and is dependent on your geographical location. If you are unable to process withdrawals to your credit card then a cheque will be issued as form of payment.


To execute the deposit you will need to select the credit card you wish to use. Then you will enter the amount you wish to deposit followed by the three digit CVV number located at the back of your credit card. This number is used to verify the validity of the credit card and to verify the account holder’s card information. As a security precaution this number is only requested when making a deposit and not at the point of registering the card in the banking section. All online bingo sites employ the latest in encryption software to ensure all transactions are safe and secure. Some players feel uncomfortable using credit cards online. However, the technology of today allows transactions to be fully encrypted and the risk in virtually zero. Once you have clicked the button to process your transaction it will take approximately 1 minute to process and you will be able to begin playing your favourite online bingo games.


Numerous banks do not permit deposits to online bingo accounts. This depends on your geographical location for the most part. This was implemented due to laws within some countries that do not allow online gaming within its jurisdiction. In addition, some card companies were processing increasing amounts of charge backs and therefore as a precaution, they elected to disallow online gaming transactions.